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Hello World! Again.

Hello World! Again.

Stefanie Joosten at Metal Gear 5, Fox Engine

Hello there. I hope you are doing well. It's been a while. As you might recall, the last we discussed was about gpu programming in DirectX 11.1 Game Programming blog. From then on, I've been working on so many projects, including but not limited to playout automation software and 2D/3D CG player of AlAlam News Network TV channel, my in-house game engine, called Wolf Engine and a mvc framework for serving http requests based on facebook's proxygen (in fact, this very site has been written over it).

Additionaly, after writing DirectX 11.1 Game Programming book for PackT publishing, I was cooperating as technical reviewer with Packt on their new book about QT game programming. For those of you who are interested, the book demostrates about how to use QT framework and it's own components in order to create simple game.

What I'm up to these days, you might ask! I've decided to start writing again, yet, this time about my expriences and diaries on GPU programming in WolfSource which I founded it last year. A great number of projects of WolfSource are about developing games, game engine, tools for game engines, simulators and tv broadcasting tools which I've decided to release on this website. Moreover, I've decided to write some tutorials for those programmers out there who wants to learn gpu programming or need to use my frameworks on their own projects.

Based on their contents, the tutorials will be divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Follow all or any of our social accounts, so you could stay updated with the latest of this website.

Have a nice time.

Posted by Pooya Eimandar

Pooya Eimandar
I graduated in computer science and hardware engineering degree from Shomal university and I'm the author of the book DirectX 11.1 Game Programming published by PackT and one of the technical reviewers of the book Game Programming Using Qt: Beginner's Guide. I began my career working on various 3D simulation applications. My main research interests include but not limited to GPGPU, GPU-programming, parallel computing and game developing. Since 2010 until 2014, I was founder and senior lead developer of Persian Game Engine at Bazipardaz Company LTD. Since 2014, joined AlAlam news network TV channels and I've started cooperating on their projects. From then on, I founded WolfSource and I've been working on Wolf.Engine and projects of WolfSource.