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Welcome to Wolf Source. Wolf Source is an in-house studio. We are developing tools for games, simulator apps & TV broadcasting.

Wolf Playout

Wolf PlayOut is the codename of TV broadcast playout automation software which is optimized based MOS Protocol. This Playout developed based an in-house open source game engine called Wolf Engine

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Used by AlAlam News Network Channel TV

Customer Testimonails

Best performance achieved by GPGPU

Customer Testimonails

Integrated and tested on Decklink 4K & Decklink Extreme 3D.

Customer Testimonails

Allow buffering mode in order to store media from network in to the DRAM, while playing it on AIR

Customer Testimonails

Start watching Wolf Playout on github in order to get the latest builds.

Customer Testimonails

Optimised based on different graphical API(s) for different OS(s) in order to increase performance of rendering

TV broadcasting tools

Tools & services for broadcasting TV channels.

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Game/Simulator Tools

Tools for developing game & simulator apps

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All about the games that are developed by Wolf Source

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Keen on Mastering DirectX 11.1

In case you are interested, I've written a book with the focus on DirectX 11.1 Game Programming. I've also provided a blog for those programmers who have a good knowledge about DirectX and want to excel in graphical programs.Order book

GPU Notes
Wolf.Engine tutorials

Getting started with Wolf Engine

Describes the architecture of Wolf Engine & tutorials about how to setup your first applications based on the Wolf Engine

GPU Notes

GPU Notes

Notes and tutorials about GPU programming

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